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Redefining Diagnostic Experience

ZealHeal enables healthy living and affordable medical healthcare to people.

ZealHeal provides a comprehensive array of services towards preventive healthcare (medical checkups, wellness programs, health education and training and many more). All these is enabled by leveraging the power of technology which connects medical service providers with the patients.

If there exists a factor that can extend our boon of life, it is our health. It’s the only one thing, which will always remain with us even if anything else doesn’t. Man is the most advanced species present on this earth who devised his own mechanisms to take care of his health. When with the increase in technology we claim to achieve almost anything, we should probably devise a plan to achieve the impossible – Our Welfare.

What our members say about us

  • Sameer Babbar I was beyond impressed with my ZealHeal experience. My friend recommended it to me. I was completely blown away by how helpful it proved for me. I have to visit doctor every month resulting in huge burden on my pocket as well as time. ut with ZealHeal services I literally spend only half the amount and the entire process has become so easy and hassle free; be it appointment booking or report collection. I would highly recommend Zealheal. It’s a holistic approach towards health!.

    Priyanshi Sharma The health and wellbeing of our employees is of real importance to us. The ZealHeal health plan allows our employees to look after their everyday health. The option of having the Employee Assistance Programs is a useful tool for our employees. Our cost analysis showed that the plan is great value for money compared with other healthcare providers. The team is always willing to explore alternative ways of working to offer the best voluntary healthcare options for our employees. It is a pleasure to work with ZealHeal, I would definitely recommend ZealHeal to other organization

  • Priyanshi Sharma We wanted to give something back to our staff that is why we have introduced ZealHeal health plans in our organization. There are many healthcare providers in the market but we decided to choose ZealHeal as their core plan suited the business perfectly. A number of our employees have provided brilliant feedbacks as ZealHeal really helped them with the treatment they needed without having to consider the cost. I have personally taken the advantage of online consultation while my husband enjoyed the dental benefits. ZealHeal is always one step ahead by using technology to provide easy, understandable and hassle-free healthcare.

    Sameer Babbar My Daughter, aged 8 is diabetic and has kidney problem. We need to get her diagnosed every month. I am a middle class single mother and I have Hodophobia (fear of travelling). We need to travel around 8 kms for getting the tests done and its very expensive. One day my neighbor recommended ZealHeal. I thought of giving it a try and I am so happy with its services. There is no need to travel as diagnosis service is available at my door step and the burden on my pocket has reduced drastically. They are truly angel of mercy that go beyond caring.