Care Plan

ZealHeal aims to provide a very smooth and user-friendly healthcare services to their customer. Therefore, in order to ease down the entire health management system of an individual ZealHeal introduced “Care Plan”.

This plan can be customized with respect to various parameters like – Gender, age, allergic reaction, chronical issues, type of job, etc.

Depending on the parameters under which an individual fall, 1-year schedule will be prepared which will contain the following:

  • Recommended Preventive measures to be taken as per analysis
  • Fitness Management (Eg- Exercise or yoga to be practiced, etc.)
  • Diet Management – (Eg – Low carb diet or protein diet, etc.)
  • Recommended Health tests to be done
  • Pre booked consultations with specialist’s, etc.

This plan will help an individual to maintain his health in an easy and effective way thereby reducing high cost of medical expenditure and major health risks and issues.

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